It’s a kid’s job to be curious,
explore and discover

Children have the right to grow up
healthy and safe

It’s our job to keep kids as safe as possible

so they can grow up to do all the great things they are meant to do.

There is something you can do to
make a big impact on your child's Future


From skinned knees to broken bones, Children are no strangers to accidents. Emergency hospitalization happen far more often than we’d like to think about.


Why it matters

Keeping kids safe is a global issue that directly affects all of us. We cannot stand idly by while too many children are stripped of the opportunity to follow their dreams

In the time that it has taken you to read this, a child must have met with an injury. It’s time to put a stop to these tragic and needless accidents. We propose a collaborative and unified approach to safety, recognizing that to create a safer ecosystem to secure every child

We can fix this problem

ISITES offers resources specifically dedicated to providing accident protection for students, volunteers, teacher, administrative staff, managers and coaches. ISITES Accident & Health offers flexible, forward-thinking coverages providing tailored accident and health solutions that best address your needs.

We strongly believe when a child is safe to explore, create and have fun, there is no end to what is possible.


Benefits of Isites

Why Choose Us

We are at our best in times of any unfortunate claim (loss) where we will be personally taking you through the full claim process related to  insurance company . so that you can continue your business uninterrupted while we look after the claim technicalities

Why Choose us

Our members are all richly experienced professionals who held senior management positions. We have a professionally computerized set-up with multi-city presence. Separate Claims, Marketing, legal and Customer Care Department to give you the best service always

Why Choose us

We are the first and the only insurance firm in India which specializes exclusively in Student insurance. We are authorized brokers of  all insurance companies under IRDA.We offer tailored accident and health solutions that best address your institution’s needs