Health Cover

More than 1.35 million children each year incur a sports-related  injury requiring emergency room treatment at an estimated $935 million,according to Safe Kids Worldwide. Annually,about 3.5 million children are injured playing sports or participating in recreational activities.
we offer the most comprehensive health insurance plans in India. Designed to give you the maximum benefits possible, this health insurance ensures nothing comes in the way of a stress-free life. It covers many hospital expenditures incurred due to unfortunate events or health situations.  In the case of an unfortunate event, you can benefit from our vast hospital network to avail cashless health insurance. In addition, our dedicated  claims handler will ensure you have a hassle-free claim reimbursement.

Disability Cover

A disability can result from a number of causes, including an injury or a serious accident.  And the duration of a disability can be either short- or long-term. Disability Cover will pay the Basic Sum Insured due to PPD(Permanent Partial Disability)/PTD(Permanent Total Disability) cover for Student.

Disability Cover is also applicable for parents. Disability Cover will pay the Basic Sum Insured due to PPD(Permanent Partial Disability)/PTD(Permanent Total Disability) cover for one named parent.

Accidental Cover

Almost 20% of the people in India end up spending more than 15-20 times their monthly expenditure due to emergency hospitalization. But, can we ever compromise when it comes to health? Surely no. Never actually. That is why choosing the right insurance plan is a very important decision. low cost, low hassle, more flexibility.
Group Health insurance functions when there are large numbers enrolled. This is because with large numbers, the chances of adverse events are reduced and so is the outflow from the insurance fund.

Emergency Cover

No matter how it happens or where students are hurt schools/colleges are liable for the cost of student injuries and need to be prepared for these sometimes devastating expenses.Emergency situations happen more frequently for students. 
Situations like Sudden collapse, Fire accident, Acute breathing difficulties, Fractured bones, Uncontrollable bleeding.Emergency Cover will pay Rs. 1000 per ambulance hiring charges in case of accident. Rs. 2,500/- per student and Rs. 5,000/- per parent for transporting the mortal remains, Rs. 5,000/- for cremation charges.

Education Cover

In the case of an unfortunate event, students might be forced to stop education due to lack of funds. Education continuity cover to pay outstanding Tuition fee, Exam fee etc.. – to be settled to the educational institution, in case of accidental Death of one named parent of student.In addition to Basic Sum insured to the legal heirs of the parent.

AD&D Cover

AD&D insurance covers exactly what its name states: accidental death and dismemberment.In the event of a fatal accident Our AD&D will pay the beneficiaries the Basic Sum Insured due to Death. AD&D also covers one named parent, in the event of a fatal accident of parent.